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Successful Adoptions and Kool Kat's


This area is for an update on our adopted Kitty's and Cat's


Stitch is in the festive mood

“Stitch is a little angel with a big heart and big sad eyes. She is only 1½ years old but she has come a long way from her days as a kitten in the barn. She is very pampered and loved. Tuna is her favorite thing to eat, and she likes to talk...a lot!”

Peanut Formerly know as Coco
Coco has been adopted by a new loving family

Tashy has been adopted.

Jack-Sox & Sirius
After moving into our very own apartment Mr. Jack Sparrow started to miss his old roommate Bonkers. So I decided to get him his very own kitten. At first, Jack was very territorial and jealous of Mr. Sirius Black. Now, despite the occasion bout of territorial domination, Jack enjoys teaching Sirius his favourite game, a combination of tag and hide-and-go-seek. Together they lounge on the windowsill. Jack prefers sleeping in his boxes while Sirius curls up in his basket next to Alice the snakes tank.



At the suggestion of Dr. Worthen, my wife Michele Moerth and I adopted Emmylou in late March following the death of our beloved little white Pixie. When she first arrived, Emmylou was timid and quite shy of our senior cat Charcoal. Over the first week, she slowly explored beyond the bounds of the recroom into which she had settled, and in the subsequent three months she has really begun to reveal an affectionate, playful demeanour; she is both a schmoozer and gourmandizer with a vigorous appetite! We are grateful for the kind help of Dr. Worthen and all of the staff at the Cat Hospital.

Hades, formerly know as Ninja
Hades has now joined our family, together with our previously adopted fur baby, Belenus. Hades resided at the Cat Hosptal with Dr. Worthen. He came to Dr. Worthen as a stray; abused, and apparently kicked. She used her magic once again to nurture him back to full health. Unfortunately Hades was left with a bad temper and a defensive nature, particularly when it came to anyone wearing boots. He was known to bite and could be a bit rough. It was uncertain as to whether he would make a successful adoption, but I fell in love with him the day I met him and was determined to give it a try. We brought him home on Thursday night, before the long weekend of Easter. Initially he was quite withdrawn, and stayed in the basement for two days, but gradually allowed me to pet him for several minutes. From this point on he began to soften. Now, only one week later, Hades can't get enough attention, and takes it from every single person who approaches. His purr, previously non-existent, is like a motor! He is known to wind himself around legs, plop down on his back and sprawl out for a belly rub. He has not shown any indication of a temper. Our whole family is in love with Hades, and he seems to have made it quite clear that the feeling is mutual.

Belenus - Formerly known as Simon
Belenus, aka Bel, formerly known as Simon, has settled in completely in his new home. He talks and purrs and lets us all know how happy is to be a member of our family. He is affectionate and social with every one of us, and loves to cuddle just as much as he loves to play. Bel treats everyone in the family like they are his personal favourite. He is a total flirt. He also likes to hide under the hall table, and swat our feet as we walk by. Bel gets up with me every morning for his treat, and then greets each of the kids as they get up. His favourite spots are on the desk in the front window, watching the wild life, and the chair at that desk, which he has claimed as his own. But he never misses out on a chance to cuddle. We have all fallen in love with Bel, and we believe that the feeling is mutual. We can't thank Dr. Bonnie and the staff of the Cat Hospital enough. You are all amazing!

Shadow - 7 1/2
Shadow is 7 1/2 yrs old and a neutered male, who has found a new home.
Piper is doing very well in her new home bossing the other two cats around

Maggie is very happy being her new owner's only cat

Thomasina - 2.5 years young
Thomasina has a new home. We are awaiting new comments.

Tuxedo - 1-2 years young
Also known as "Tux", he is a black and white, short-haired, neutered, 1 to 2 year old male. Strong and affectionate, he loves to sit on your lap and be cuddled.

THE VISITOR - has been adopted.
The Visitor is a short-haired blue tabby young neutered male. In addition to being very handsome, he is also quite charming and talkative.

Wicket has been adopted
Wicket, is a 13 year old purebred. Himalayan Seal Point, he is a very sweet boy and likes other cats.

Winnie - has a new home


Winnie is a fluffy orange long-haired beauty, only 7 years old. She's a loving girl who adores attention and brushing. Winnie is sweet and affectionate. Winnies favorite game is hide and seek as she burrows under anything that will give her cover.

Benny has been adopted - his new name is Indy

These are pictures of Indy in his new home. He is a sweet well behaved cat, he is 3 years old, orange and white, he is  male, neutered and front declawed with no know health issues.

Ethel - Now know as "Becky"
Ethel is 1 year old, she is a shyly affectionate cat, who is sweet and loving.
Puffy the Entertainer - Now know as "The Shiz"
Shizzy is a very well mannered kitty and was no bigger than a cup of coffee when I adopted him, he has a gentle playful spirit and loves to eat. Shizzy is also a bit of a ham, and picks up new tricks very quickly, the water cooler is his new watering hole.
Gypsy has adapted well to her new home. She not only has the house, she is running the house! She loves to be where the people are and is curious playful and enjoys sitting on the patio watching the birds. Now that she is more trusting, she often looks to be picked up & cuddled.

Saucy Bossy Lucy

Lucy is a little princess with lots of personality. Her estimated age is 1 1/2 years old.
Maui & Blue
Maui and Blue (left to right, respectively, in the photo) were on their way home with me before their photos ever made it on to the adoption page. Despite some stress in their new situation, and a bit of grumpiness from the resident Her Ladyship Panda-of-Toes and our boisterous Sprout!, they are getting fatter and happier. Blue is now the official Bed-cat, spending every night curled under the covers with me, while Maui prefers his chair beside the bed. They both like the bookshelf, from which they can see all of our living-dining-kitchen area and part of the hallway area, while still guarding their dishes and toys and not being exposed to the other cats who still think it's funny to sneak up on them.

Chester & Chandler
Portia - Now know as "Baby Girl"
No description necessary, Baby Girl is a welcome addition to the family, has moved right in found her prime real-estate and setup house. Someone got a new brush and a new stocking for Christmas.

Peaches - Now known as Chaz

After much male posturing (by all three cats), Chaz, a.k.a. “Peaches” has settled nicely into his new home. The others have begrudgingly come to accept him as part of the family. All three, Chaz, Jake and Owen are now sharing the same bed at night quite peacefully. Chaz is a bit of a monster over food but otherwise has a very lovely disposition. Licking people is a favorite pastime as is growling for no apparent reason. We believe he just likes to hear himself!!! Anyway, we think he’ll be very happy to stay with us and we were very pleased to invite him into our home. We can’t thank Dr. Worthen enough!!!

Well doesn't this say it all!

Brinley is a beautiful 3 1/2 year old Ocicat. She is spayed and declawed. Brinley loves to be the center of attention.
Pete is a large friendly loveable critter, he loves laps, people children, dogs, food but not other cats, he is the king of the cat castle. Pete is neutered and declawed.
Young Boy - Now know as "Thomas"
Young Boy is a friendly playful kitty with a beautiful coat of hair, he is very lively and loves food as you can see, looks like he is smiling.
Purdy - Now known as "Charlie"
Purdy is a very healthy cat and he photographs very well as you can see, he is de-clawed (front) a total character who plays 23 hours a day, he is very sharp and high energy.
Shelby - approximately 1 year young
Waiting for new mommies description!

Kenny & Jack

These little guys came to the Cat Hospital in pretty rough shape, but thanks to the love and care of their adoptive parents have made a fantastic recovery and are enjoying a playful life.


Sante & Tess







Tess & Alesha




Amanda, Clio

Alicja lost Butch and Sheba, who were siblings and 17 years of age, in May 2001. They died one day apart and it was pretty tough to lose them so close together. Bonnie and the entire staff at the Cat Hospital were extremely supportive and caring. Amanda had presented a pregnant stray to her mother as a Mother's Day gift and asked me if I would like to choose two from the litter. After agreeing, Bonnie rescued a litter of kittens. Clio was among the group that needed a home. She almost lost her eye (like her cousin Jack) but thanks to Bonnie's ministrations she pulled through. That is the story of how I came to adopt three kitties in the summer of 2002. They are all doing very well and thankfully they all get along. When Amanda came home (the picture was the first day of Amanda and Russell's arrival) she thought Clio was her new mother and tried to nurse her butt! Clio was not impressed but was gracious because she is the diva of the household.



Poppy, Gucci & Pucci

Now known as Indigo, Sable & Onyx

 Now named "Sweet William"
Sweet William is a happy well adjusted cat in his new home with Mary!
Olive Cambridge now know as Molly
Olive is a real love bug and a big baby who has to be with you all the time. Her favourite activities are watching the birds in the ravine while she hides behind the curtain, racing you up and down the stairs and playing for hours with her blue mouse!!




Molly, well she's more of an independent woman. She likes the sunny spot on the bed to have her afternoon snooze and is super fast when playing her favourite game - laser light. They made friends instantly and love each other very much.
Cosmo has now found a loving home.

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