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"The Hall of Fame" or should we say "Shame" is now open!


What trouble these two get into together

Taz & Bogart

Sunshine is estimated to be over 20 years old. He has been feeling his age lately and spends most of his time sleeping.



Maynard is our sweet tempered little Burmese at 5 months. He loves to fetch and pose for pictures!
Owners Sandy & Kevin

Miss Vicky and Minou


Tell me again how pretty I am - Gypsy


examining the newest addition to the house.
"WHAT? We're JUSTTT looking"

I was a turtle in a previous life!

Hey who turned on the lights!


Ranger is a gorgeous cat.


Say hi to Jack!


It's nice to have a protector, Ranger & Jack snoozing.


Chino when he was 6 months old. Of our two cats, Chino is definitely the "sleepyhead" - whenever he wakes up, he takes a nice big stretch!

Bentley and Collins - March 2006
Bentley and Collins - March 2007

Bentley and Collins - March 2008

You talking to me!!!!

Bentley at the computer....2.25 years old...about 11 lbs.
Collins on the floor....2.25 years old....about 17 lbs.
The wild boys are doing well. Loving every minute of it.. and having a ball playing together.

Year 3 - Bentley and Collins
It's that time again...the annual picture show of Bentley and Collins.
We've been together for 3 years now, and the 'wild boys' are still wild.
We moved in December and the boys adjusted in minutes. They are loving the extra room...and sliding on the hardwood floors. They're the same sizes as last year, but seem to have more energy everyday.
Bentley is fascinated by the 'fairies' on the ceiling...anything shiny that moves. Collins is still the cuddler. We're all looking forward to spring and birds showing up on the balcony!!



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