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Cat Care At Christmas

Cats Love Christmas Too!

Here are some ways to keep your cat safe this holiday season

Although keeping your cat indoors is always best if you must let them go outside keep these things in mind:
  • Frostbite is a very real danger to your cat; always provide shelter while your cat is spending time outdoors in these cold winter months.
  • Remember to bang on your car's hood before starting it because cats will often climb under the hoods of cars and onto the engine or surrounding areas to get warm.
  • Due to the sound dampening effects of snow, our cat may not hear cars coming.
  • Anti-Freeze is extremely toxic so store and dispose of it very carefully.

There are also many Christmas hazards to be aware of:

  • Christmas is a time where family and friends gather together to celebrate! As so many people will be coming in and out of your home at this time of year it is always a good idea to keep an extra close eye on your cat. He or she may find that open door very tempting
  • Make sure that any children coming to visit your home know the rules regarding your cat. For example: No table scraps (especially chicken or turkey bones as they can splinter) and no chocolate as it can be toxic to kitties.
  • Kittens can easily become entangled in the plastic that holds a six pack of beer together so cut them up and put them in the garbage.
  • We all know how important the Christmas tree is at Christmas time, please keep in mind that tinsel, electrical cords, ribbons and breakable ornaments are all hazardous to your cats health. Also make sure your tree is secure just in case your cat has the urge to impersonate the star at the top of your tree.

On behalf of Bonnie Worthen and the Staff at the Cat Hospital, we wish you and your cats a Very Merry Christmas!


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